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Video content is vital to your organization’s success. Consumers and businesses choose their products and suppliers based on what they see and experience, not what they read. Well-produced video will engage your customers and inspire your team to meet the goals of your organization.

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Client Testimonials
Benedict Arnold

This bridge project was funded by small and medium business of Rhode Island, as well as by its private citizens. After the hurricane hit our shores recently, we all were concerned for the Okaloppo river not having a proper landline connection. But now, after Pixate company finished the project, the county can enjoy its new,…

Deborah Quagmire

As an official fro North Dakota’s state government, I want to thank the Pixate construction company. On behalf of the citizens of the state, we’re so grateful for this new, innovative building! This allows North Dakota to hold its legislative operations in a contemporary, progressive architectural environment!


“As a team of newcoming, yet already successful independent filmmakers, we were looking for a great video production studio for all of our post- production activities. Also, as far as either the cost of the production or its quality were concerned – both were absolutely unbelievably good!”

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