We are driven by the relentless
pursuit of excellence in video.


Even Tide Productions is an Atlanta production company that focuses on creating engaging material for businesses looking to embrace the growing trend in digital media by marketing themselves through video.

what we do

We help businesses establish their credibility and presence in the marketplace by customizing a plan for their specific business to create ongoing content that captures the attention of both their potential and existing customers.

what makes us unique

At ETP, we understand that it’s about more than just creating video; it’s about marketing your business. Video just happens to be the medium that we focus on because it has been shown to be the most engaging way for businesses to communicate with their customers. Taking such a thorough approach to video marketing is what separates us from our competition, and we love getting to see the positive transformations our clients experience.

why choose us

Our focus and specialty is driving business results through a planned marketing strategy centered around video production. At ETP we know video, so give us a call today and find out how you can be getting your business ready for the future. Our team combines deep experience in both video production and marketing to serve business and organizational clients.

Let us tell your story and drive your organization to meet its goals.